Meet FREY. Frey. designs for women.

A garment that fits as if it was made for you has the power to energize and inspire, encourage and empower. With this in mind Frey. designs comfortable, timeless wardrobe pieces for women with dynamic lifestyles. We believe that excellently cut classics are everlasting. By always working with high quality, exquisite fabrics and sharp tailoring Frey. pays tribute to quintessential styles that will be fashionable at any age.

Frey. understands that on some days you need the power of navy or black and on others you want to shine with a splash of colour. Our off the rack and create your own collections are curations of versatile feminine styles with playful details for every mood and every schedule. To help transform the industry we so love, Frey. feels a strong sense of responsibility to focus on sustainability in everything we do. We know that Frey. cannot become completely sustainable overnight but it’s a journey we are committed to. FREY aims to do business responsibly and make a difference where she can, when she can.

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Frederieke van Doorn

Founder and Director of Frey.

“For almost twenty years my career was in men’s tailoring. I lived and breathed fabric, design, sharp tailoring, production runs, emerging trends and the industry’s market mechanisms.

2020 had an unprecedented impact on fashion brands and retailers. The industry’s slowdown gave me time to reflect on my career and where I wanted to head next.
I dreamed of a brand that would offer women the same level of quality in business wear than men’s brands do. At the same time, due to the pandemic’s disruption, the urgency for reform in the fashion industry accelerated. I knew things had to change and wanted to play an active role.

I decided to create a female brand that answers to the needs and wants of women’s tailoring. A brand in which I was going to create some magic, the magic that happens when a woman feels comfortable and empowered in what she wears.


Frey. creates high quality staple pieces that will last long beyond a few seasons and makes responsible choices in every aspect of doing business. So much more can and should be done to establish a more circular fashion industry. Producing sustainable fashion is a long-term journey. Frey. is part of this journey and we make a conscious effort every day to make better, more informed choices for a brighter tomorrow.”

– Frederieke


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